Big Stick Energy -E8- Cancel Culture & Industry Sandal w/Jason Levinthal from JSkis

Big Stick Energy -E8- Cancel Culture & Industry Sandal w/Jason Levinthal from JSkis

Hot tea coming up, served by the gorls, as Tori and Renee hash out the recent JSkis giveaway scandal with Jason Levinthal himself. Before the drama though comes the resume. J started Line skis one of the first twin tips in 1995, sold to K2, and then started Full Tilt and ran Line for K2 until 2013 when he left and started JSkis to do something totally different.

But "the event" that went down needs to be mentioned. Jskis had a contest that referenced Pro Choice in a ski giveaway. It alluded to lack of access to female reproductive health access in Texas. It was a play on words and recycled promotion from the year prior with one small addition, "Fuck Texas". He apologized for lack of perspective, saying they didn't even think of it. It was not intended as leveraging a serious topic to use as a sales tactic. He admits it was stupid and regrets not having run it by more people, especially women. He says he didn't respect the amount of change in perception and society that a year can make. Initial responses he admits emotions got the better of him and things were reposted and things escalated quickly. Cancel culture was out for blood.

 J's apology, explanation, and resolutions were heartfelt & honest and the gorls acknowledged that but the original issue still remained cringe worthy. Tori and Renee discuss their own experiences with memes and serious issues and the mob mentality. They discuss the importance of intent vs ignorance. And the old school method and approach of having conversations in resolving problems, instead of one way speeches on important issues on socials. Gorls also talk about call outs vs cancels. And how just taking a minute to figure out best path forward can actually shift the needle in a positive direction. 

The conversation and interview are full of perspective, education, and systemic problems. Really think the gorls and J both got a lot out of it, I know I did. I hope you do too. Listen here for so much more that outlined above and help move the conversations forward!



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