Coffee & Van Chats - E83 - Kaia Schmid - Signs w/Rally and Big Dreams!

Coffee & Van Chats - E83 - Kaia Schmid - Signs w/Rally and Big Dreams!

John Croom back with another killer interview. This week's guest is 18 year old, Junior Elimination Race World Champion, Kaia Schmid.


Track Cycling, Cycle-cross, Road, you name it she does it across multiple disciplines. She amped up her fitness during covid and is absolutely crushing it. She finished high school in 3 years to get a jump start on college in Boulder and really focus on her riding. Recently back from a season in Europe, she just signed with Rally, and is focusing on road. She may only be 18, but she has big dreams, with eyes on Olympics and wants to do world tour, and is moving to Europe in the new year.


And her big dreams go beyond cycling. A 3 time Junior Nationalist in Mogul Skiing, Kaia wants to join and ski in the Freeride World Tour. Big mountains and big plans. This girl is mature well beyond her years on and off the bike. Her planning to get where she is already at this age is remarkable. No matter what lies ahead we know big things are in store for Kaia, and looking forward to watching the ride! Listen to her full episode here:


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