E175 – Boots Over Brim w/ Amie Engerbretson | Cody Townsend is On Year 22 with Salomon

E175 – Boots Over Brim w/ Amie Engerbretson | Cody Townsend is On Year 22 with Salomon

Tremendous Two'fer Tuesday with Two of Tahoe's Finest. This week on the pod Adam's guests really need very little introduction if you've been watching the ski industry at all in the past decade, Amie Engerbretson and Cody Townsend.

Amie kicks off the first half of the episode. You might recognize her from her seemingly annual segments in Warren Miller movies. She also is an athlete and ambassador for K2, Spyder, Sierra Nevada and Palisades Tahoe. To make things even more busy this season she's also touring her own short film "Boots over Brim" as part of the Pow Town Revival tour with her boyfriend and pro skier, Todd Ligare. She and Adam talk the business side of pro skiing. The work side not the skiing side. The creative side, the marketing side, and separating the brand from the person. As I mentioned she does have a new short film and she and Adam get into that, and what sets it apart from other ski films. How important music is for these things and about stalking Paul Cauthen. It's great and so beautifully shot. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a short ski film is worth...? Just watch for yourself...

Boots Over Brim | Sweetgrass Productions from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

This project couldn't be more her, and so refreshing to see and feel something different in a ski movie. Enjoy her interview and try and find her on the Pow Town Revival circuit in a city near you.

After the intermission we get Cody Townsend. And we get into the evolution of a career. I mean he's been with Salomon for 22 years, that's nuts. Going from ski racer, to freeskier and now into more of a ski mountaineer. And he's not done and not bored yet. And to keep him even more on his toes he's a new dad!



He and Adam talk about how that's going to affect his ski season and filming of "The Fifty Project". And how does the risk factor, factor in now as a parent. There's also the difference between risk and being dumb. Cody found this out first hand trying to ride his bike through Death Valley over 100 miles to climb and ski Mt Whitney on the latest episode of "The Fifty Project". Definitely watch that episode and all the episodes when you have a chance. For those that don't know, Cody is trying to climb and ski the fifty most challenging, beautiful and classic backcountry ski lines in North America. Cody is a natural born storyteller and that's what makes this interview and The Fifty Project so enjoyable. He and Adam also talk running. He hated running but has learned to "run slow". Now he's running 50ks and actually enjoying it.

Speaking of enjoying it. I really enjoyed both guests this week. They're bad ass. They're down to earth and they're pros. Just the way they both handle themselves is so impressive. They really embody what it means to be a pro skier these days. Listen for yourselves now. Give us five stars and we'll give you five virtual high fives! See you next week!



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