Out of Bounds - E177- Ian Mcintosh/Hadley Hammer/Magnus Granér

Out of Bounds - E177- Ian Mcintosh/Hadley Hammer/Magnus Granér

Two interviews a week is just not enough for Adam Jaber. He blesses us this Thanksgiving week with a virtual cornucopia and triple shot of all star conversations. Guests this week include Ian Mcintosh, Hadley Hammer, and Magnus Granér. Lots to unpack from all three so let's get into it!




Kicking things off is big mountain legend Ian Mcintosh. Ian has been filming with TGR since 2006 and also has featured segments in Warren Miller movies and more.  A lot of people think of skiing as an individual sport but Ian really sheds light on the team aspect in filming. If all riders succeed it makes the film better not to mention the countless crew on the mountain and behind the scenes that it takes to make a successful movie. At 40 he knows there's going to be life after filming so he now has his guiding license, but he still has the fire to knock off first descents and film big lines. And one day in the distant future he hopes to follow Angel Collinson's footsteps and sail off into the sunset and sail around the world. Ian's a deep guy and he and Adam get deeper with discussions on fake news, and climate change, and Protect Our Winters. Rad guy, rad skier, rad interview. But we must press onward!

Next up is another big mountain shredder Hadley Hammer. Another big name with tons of film credits to her name, and also a North Face athlete who was born in raised in Jackson Hole, but now calls the Alps home. She's fighting her way back from an ACL injury last season. A scary thing in general but to handle all overseas is a whole new challenge. Luckily Austria has healthcare that doesn't bankrupt you like it does in the states, and as a bonus they made fresh cake every day in the hospital. She is on the mend and back in the gym, on the grind and already back on skis. She and Adam also dive into the bs ticket prices in the states vs Europe, and how the expansion of accessibility is great, but why's it so damn expensive. Hadley also talks about built in insecurity in the brand relationship side of the industry as a pro skier. And damn it why can't they make badass ski boots for women?! Brands need to put their money where their marketing is. She also talks about loving writing as using it as an outlet and needs more than Instagram captions to express herself. So she started a forum for just that called "Discourse". She shares long form writing weekly and also gives prompts for members to write and share their stories. Hadley is a thoughtful, smart and honest interview, because that's just who she is.



Bringing it home, is our final guest Magnus Granér. He is the shit. This Swede freeskier is taking things to the next level. He talks about making what you love your profession. Emails suck and it's a job but if you follow your heart and your passion it won't actually diminish your love of skiing. Magnus' style is unique and sets him apart but found his inspiration from people like Mike Hornbeck, Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon. He and Adam also talk about the decision to join 1000 Skis, a new Swedish ski company. Was a stressful conversation leaving ON3P after 8 years to do his own thing. And 1000 Skis gives him skin in the game, a committed focus on freeskiing, and has core values of sustainability, quality and community. Just seemed like a perfect fit and a breath of fresh air. They're definitely the new kid on the block but they way Magnus skis, he makes them look fuckin sick, and poised to be an up and comer in the industry. Find Magnus on Instagram at @Skimanguy and keep an eye out for 1000 Skis on shelves near you.

Wow, that was a lot. But hey take your time and listen to all 3 interviews. One before the turkey, one after, and a 3rd for dessert. Have an awesome Thanksgiving and know we are thankful for you; our readers, followers, and listeners. None of this would be possible without your support! 1000 Skis and 1000 thanks!




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