Big Stick Energy - E6 - Boundaries are HOT, Burnouts NOT - w/Kalen Thorien

Big Stick Energy - E6 - Boundaries are HOT, Burnouts NOT - w/Kalen Thorien
This week's guest is as big, as the stick energy! This week Tori and Renee, welcome fucking legend, Kalen Thorien to the pod. Kalen is a skier and ambassador for, has skied for Salomon, rides motorcycles for Harley Davidson. If you think that sounds like kindling for a fire interview, you're right. And that's something she knows of first hand from her summers fighting wildfires to pay for her winters. Kalen touches on being involved in these traditionally masculine disciplines; motorcycles, firefighting and skiing. End of the day she's a bad ass bitch in everything she does. The ladies also talk about how there's still a space for good old fashioned ski porn. It takes huge balls, or vagina, to huck cliffs into pow, but there's room for more and better stories. They also talk about burnout. Not the type of burnouts that become snowboarders, but the kind where you are overworking yourself, even if it's doing what you love. Not every turn needs to be an insta-story. Kalen says it's totally fine to take page out of Katie Burrell's playbook, and hit the mountain at 1p, crush a couple groomer laps, and call it a day for brews with the crew at the bottom. It's about redefining the metrics for skiing. The gorls also talk about the challenge women face being looked at more like spokesmodels than athletes. Also everyone's privilege is showing. The talk gets deep as pow here with some really interesting perspective, acknowledging you never really know what it's like until you try on someone else's ski boots. Talking about it with Kalen, and talking about all of this in general is a step though. Tune in here for full listen and a full dose of BSE!


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