The Pursuit – E32 – Finding the Flow w/ Andrea Slusarski (@drawingfromnature)

The Pursuit – E32 – Finding the Flow w/ Andrea Slusarski (@drawingfromnature)

Mr. AdamX's guest this week is Andrea Slusarski. She is a woman who wears many hats, and helmets for that matter. She's an artist and professor of art education, as well as a snowboarder, mountain biker and brand ambassador for @coalitionsnow @ospreypacks @wildbarncoffee to name a few. Bottom line she is self proclaimed creative based in Denver. She draws her inspiration from the outdoors and literally draws her inspiration in the outdoors. Adam and Andrea get into what creativity even means, finding the "Flow", and connecting with brands that fit and get it. Andrea also outlines the power of the doodle and her connection to the outdoors through her sketchbook. She wants to share her art with as many people as will listen; whether it be on this podcast listening with their eyeballs on Instagram, or in her classroom. The interview is a work of art on what being creative in, and with the outdoors can be. So tune into the full pod and give it a listen, we promise Andrea Sluuuussss, will draw you in!

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