Big Stick Energy - E5 - Girls and Gear - Carleigh Garrett

Big Stick Energy - E5 - Girls and Gear - Carleigh Garrett
Even if you're as hungover as Tori is, this week's episode just might be the cure. Jump into this week's interview with RMU Sales Rep Carleigh Garret. Carleigh is a WomgTang ambassador in the Pacifice Northwest. She's also one of the few female sales reps in the industry, and shares how sexism and hardgoods have gone hand in hand forrrrevvvvver. Tori and Renee discuss with her, the challenges and changes going on in the space. At the heart of the episode is the love these 3 share, as being full fledge memberes of the gorls geek squad for gear. They nerd out on all things skis. What a gorl wants, what a gorl needs. Whatever makes them happy sets them free. Rocker, sidecuts, shapes, effective edges, materials, stiffness profiles and torsional stiffness. Their words, not mine, "that's some hardcore geeky shit". And it is, but its a great listen. Male or female, @cacar.gnargnar could fit you in an ideal ski, though I'm sure she's prefer it was an RMU. Also for the ladies check out Kari Traa, a Norwegian baselayer brand she reps thats built by women for women, that Carleigh reps. Listen to the full episode now wherever you pod, and get ready for some gear forward Big Stick Energy!


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